Press Roundup: 10 – 16 Mar 2019

Monday 11/03/19

Iran President Rouhani arrives in Iraq for 3-day visit

Stories from Iraq: This is My Land
Medair – Sue O’Connor

Water behind major dams shrinks despite rainfalls
Tehran Times

Wednesday 13/03/19

Iraq and Sudan show how climate change fuels war
The New Arab – Austin Bodetti 

World should repay Iraq for sacrifices in ISIS war: Iraqi PM

Thursday 14/03/19

Iraq: Agriculture lands drown following two dams collapse in Basra
Middle East Monitor

Iraq sees wheat crop almost doubling on more rainfall

Friday 15/03/19

Mystery Spill At Mosul Lake: Analyzing Potential Causes Of Pollution
Bellingcat – Wim Zwijnenburg

Saturday 16/03/19

90 suffocate from gas leak in eastern Iraq: health ministry
Xinhua – Yan

Wim Zwijnenburg’s Twitter thread on dam breaks

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