Press Roundup: 24 – 30 Mar 2019

Sunday 24/03/19

Iraq’s water crisis between Iran and Turkey and international agreements
Rawabat Center

Monday 25/03/19

Heavy rains block roads, damage homes in Kurdistan Region

Heavy rains flood Syria-Iraq border crossing vital to Kurds

Iran floods: Torrential rain and rising water kill 17 and widen political divides
The Independent – Borzou Daragahi

Iraq, Kurdistan Region floods: Youth killed, infrastructure damaged as local govs declare holiday
Kurdistan 24 – Nadia Riva

KRG forms security teams to shut down unlicensed oil refineries
Kurdistan 24 – Karzan Sulaivany

Iraqi Red Crescent: Precautionary preparations to face rain torrents in a number of governorates.
Iraqi Red Crescent Society

Tuesday 26/03/19

Bridge linking Iraq to Kurdistan Region ‘may collapse at any moment’

Floods wreak havoc across Iran, Kurdistan, Syria

Iraqi ministry to dismantle floating bridges over Tigris River
The Baghdad Post

No risk to Darbandikhan Dam after heavy rains in Kurdistan Region: Officials

Wednesday 27/03/19

Abdul-Mahdi, Rouhani discuss flash flooding response

Authorities in Dukan warn people near dam of rising water levels on the Little Zab

Basra MP calls on Abd al-Mahdi to compensate locals affected by floods
The Baghdad Post

10 Iraq provinces could announce state of emergency due to floods
Middle East Monitor

Karkheh dam outflow increased
Trend News Agency

Turkey accused of reducing water flows to Syria damaging agriculture and electricity supplies
The Region – Wladimir van Wilgenburg

Thursday 28/03/19

Dukan Dam increases downstream flow after heavy rains: authorities

Friday 29/03/19

Fears of flash floods in Iraq as torrential rains continue
Kurdistan 24 – John J. Catherine

VIDEO: Family of 12 left with only tractor after flood submerge house and land
Kurdistan 24 – Sangar Ali

Water levels rise in Little Zab after Dukan dam releases downstream (Video)

Saturday 30/03/19

Engineer insists Mosul Dam not in danger despite heavy rain

Flood warnings force school closures across Kurdistan Region

Iran Evacuates Flood-Threatened Villages after Heavy Rains Kill Dozens
Asharq al-Awsat

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