Press Roundup: 31 Mar – 6 Apr 2019

Sunday 31/03/19

Dukan reservoir nearly at capacity, says official

Iraq, including Kurdistan Region warns civilians of floods, rise of water

Iraq receives offers for rice in tender
The Baghdad Post

Monday 01/04/19

Iraq Salahuddin province on high alert over flood threat
Xinhua – Mu Xuequan

Kalar Mayor’s Office Warns People of Flooding Along Sirwan River

We do not have budget to compensate flood victims: KRG

Tuesday 02/04/19

Dukan Lake on verge of spilling water elsewhere into Iraq

Iraq announces state of emergency in several provinces, including Kirkuk

Minor Earthquake Shakes Baghdad, Authorities Calm Public against Floods
Asharq al-Awsat 

WATCH: Water in Dukan Dam reaches bell-mouth spillway for first time in 31 years
Kurdistan 24 – Sangar Ali

Wednesday 03/04/19

After heavy rainfall, electricity production capacity breaks new record in Kurdistan
Kurdistan 24 – Sangar Ali

Hundreds of Iraqi families displaced by flooding: UN

Iraq – Floods: Update No. 1 (as of 3 April 2019)
UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

Iraqi Agriculture Ministry lifts ban on potato imports

Thursday 04/04/19

All dams filled by heavy rain in eastern Iraq: official
Xinhua – Xuxin

Assessing Water Shortage-Induced Displacement in Central Iraq
International Organization for Migration

Flood damage in Garmyan administration to cost 24 billion dinars to repair: authorities

Mosul residents fear collapse of main bridges
Kirkuknow – Ali Ayad

Friday 05/04/19

Authorities say water flow high, unregulated at Dukan Dam spillway (Video)

Iraq fears bevy of levees will mean parched years ahead
al-Monitor – Omar Sattar

What Iraq Has to Gain, and Lose, by Resurrecting a Border Deal With Iran
Stratfor Worldview 

Saturday 06/04/19

Confronting complex issues, activists gather in Sulaimani for water forum

Iran calls for six cities long Karkheh to be evacuated amidst more flood fears

Iraq closes border crossing with Iran due to floods: sources

Rakan Saeed: Kirkuk not in danger of flooding

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