Press Roundup: 9 – 15 Jun 2019

Sunday 09/06/19

Iraq reveals causes of fires destroying thousands of acres of land
Kurdistan 24 – Sangar Ali

Turkish dam could hold trouble for Anatolia’s cultural heritage and for Iraq
The Arab Weekly – Thomas Seibert

Tuesday 11/06/19

Replacing oil wells with solar panels in Iraq
The New Arab – Austin Bodetti

Yazidi farmers return home to cultivate farmland after years in exile
PRI – Tessa Fox

Wednesday 12/06/19

Summer Approaches And Early Protests Begin In South Iraq
Musings on Iraq – Joel Wing

Turkish jets destroy road, petrol station in series of attacks in Kurdistan Region
Kurdistan 24 – Hiwa Shilani 

Thursday 13/06/19

Iraq has enough wheat and rice until end of 2019 -grain board
Succesful Farming 

Friday 14/06/19

Sardasht’s natural springs bring tourists to Kurdistan’s mountains

Saturday 15/06/19

Farmers affected by fires to be compensated

Iraqi refugees in Turkey await post-war reconstruction to return home
Daily Sabah – Mustafa Kirikçioğlu

Mosul Dam Task Force members earn awards
US Army Corps of Engineers 

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