Press Roundup: 16 – 22 Jun 2019

Sunday 16/06/19

US ambassador to Iraq assures people that Mosul Dam is safe

Monday 17/06/19

European Union supports recovery of agricultural livelihoods in northern Iraq

Iraqi PM faces protests over power shortages and graft
Arab News – Suadad al-Salhy

“The Reality of Water Security and Sustainability” A Seminar Organized by Humat Dijlah and the College of the Origins of Religion
Save the Tigris 

Tuesday 18/06/19

Fifth largest dam in Kurdistan to be operational before 2020
Kurdistan 24 – Hiwa Shilani 

Wednesday 19/06/19

13 Kurdish neighborhoods face Kirkuk revamp exclusion
Rudaw – Hiwa Husamaddin

Thursday 20/06/19

After years of war and drought, Iraq’s bumper crop is burning
Reuters – Ahmed Aboulenein & Maha El Dahan

Basra: Protests erupt over corruption, unemployment and power cuts
Middle East Eye – Alex MacDonald

Southern Iraq: Basra protests resume as temperatures and anger rise
The National – Lizzie Porter

Friday 21/06/19

Army wraps up Mosul Dam mission, the ‘construction project that never ends’
Stars and Stripes – Chad Garland 

Cancer hits residents of Iraqi oil city of Basra
al-Monitor – Mustafa Saadoun

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