Press Roundup: 7 – 13 Apr 2019

Sunday 07/04/19

Floods wash away tourism infrastructure on Little Zab River

Iran: floods force over 200 families to evacuate their villages in Diyala

Iraqi Red Crescent: The floods caused damages to more than 60 families in Diyala governorate.
Iraqi Red Crescent Society 

Priority Humanitarian Small Scale Projects
KRG Joint Crisis Coordination Center

Turkey Appoints New Special Envoy to Resolve Water Disputes with Iraq

Monday 08/04/19

Iraq water reserves highest in quarter of century
Roya News

Karkhe Dam in Southwest Iran Overflows, Residents Ordered to Evacuate
Tasnim News Agency

Tuesday 09/04/19

Iraq Seeks to Reassure Over Reservoirs and Dam Pressures
VOA News

Wednesday 10/04/19

Iraq – Floods: Update No. 2 (as of 10 April 2019)
UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

Roundup: Downpours, flooding in Iran’s Khuzestan reach alarming level
Xinhua – Yan

Thursday 11/04/19

Baghdad in danger, as Mosul dam suffers deteriorated situation: Authorities
The Baghdad Post

GIEWS Country Brief: Iraq 11-April-2019
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Historic water levels at Iraq reservoirs and dams: officials

Iraq: heavy rainfall increases fear of Mosul dam collapse
The National – Mina Aldroubi

Friday 12/04/19

Iraqi civil defense secures second Mosul ferry amid rising waters, distress call
Kurdistan 24 – Kosar Nawzad

Three tourist areas swamped in Taq Taq after Little Zab flooding: official

Press Roundup: 31 Mar – 6 Apr 2019

Sunday 31/03/19

Dukan reservoir nearly at capacity, says official

Iraq, including Kurdistan Region warns civilians of floods, rise of water

Iraq receives offers for rice in tender
The Baghdad Post

Monday 01/04/19

Iraq Salahuddin province on high alert over flood threat
Xinhua – Mu Xuequan

Kalar Mayor’s Office Warns People of Flooding Along Sirwan River

We do not have budget to compensate flood victims: KRG

Tuesday 02/04/19

Dukan Lake on verge of spilling water elsewhere into Iraq

Iraq announces state of emergency in several provinces, including Kirkuk

Minor Earthquake Shakes Baghdad, Authorities Calm Public against Floods
Asharq al-Awsat 

WATCH: Water in Dukan Dam reaches bell-mouth spillway for first time in 31 years
Kurdistan 24 – Sangar Ali

Wednesday 03/04/19

After heavy rainfall, electricity production capacity breaks new record in Kurdistan
Kurdistan 24 – Sangar Ali

Hundreds of Iraqi families displaced by flooding: UN

Iraq – Floods: Update No. 1 (as of 3 April 2019)
UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

Iraqi Agriculture Ministry lifts ban on potato imports

Thursday 04/04/19

All dams filled by heavy rain in eastern Iraq: official
Xinhua – Xuxin

Assessing Water Shortage-Induced Displacement in Central Iraq
International Organization for Migration

Flood damage in Garmyan administration to cost 24 billion dinars to repair: authorities

Mosul residents fear collapse of main bridges
Kirkuknow – Ali Ayad

Friday 05/04/19

Authorities say water flow high, unregulated at Dukan Dam spillway (Video)

Iraq fears bevy of levees will mean parched years ahead
al-Monitor – Omar Sattar

What Iraq Has to Gain, and Lose, by Resurrecting a Border Deal With Iran
Stratfor Worldview 

Saturday 06/04/19

Confronting complex issues, activists gather in Sulaimani for water forum

Iran calls for six cities long Karkheh to be evacuated amidst more flood fears

Iraq closes border crossing with Iran due to floods: sources

Rakan Saeed: Kirkuk not in danger of flooding

Press Roundup: 24 – 30 Mar 2019

Sunday 24/03/19

Iraq’s water crisis between Iran and Turkey and international agreements
Rawabat Center

Monday 25/03/19

Heavy rains block roads, damage homes in Kurdistan Region

Heavy rains flood Syria-Iraq border crossing vital to Kurds

Iran floods: Torrential rain and rising water kill 17 and widen political divides
The Independent – Borzou Daragahi

Iraq, Kurdistan Region floods: Youth killed, infrastructure damaged as local govs declare holiday
Kurdistan 24 – Nadia Riva

KRG forms security teams to shut down unlicensed oil refineries
Kurdistan 24 – Karzan Sulaivany

Iraqi Red Crescent: Precautionary preparations to face rain torrents in a number of governorates.
Iraqi Red Crescent Society

Tuesday 26/03/19

Bridge linking Iraq to Kurdistan Region ‘may collapse at any moment’

Floods wreak havoc across Iran, Kurdistan, Syria

Iraqi ministry to dismantle floating bridges over Tigris River
The Baghdad Post

No risk to Darbandikhan Dam after heavy rains in Kurdistan Region: Officials

Wednesday 27/03/19

Abdul-Mahdi, Rouhani discuss flash flooding response

Authorities in Dukan warn people near dam of rising water levels on the Little Zab

Basra MP calls on Abd al-Mahdi to compensate locals affected by floods
The Baghdad Post

10 Iraq provinces could announce state of emergency due to floods
Middle East Monitor

Karkheh dam outflow increased
Trend News Agency

Turkey accused of reducing water flows to Syria damaging agriculture and electricity supplies
The Region – Wladimir van Wilgenburg

Thursday 28/03/19

Dukan Dam increases downstream flow after heavy rains: authorities

Friday 29/03/19

Fears of flash floods in Iraq as torrential rains continue
Kurdistan 24 – John J. Catherine

VIDEO: Family of 12 left with only tractor after flood submerge house and land
Kurdistan 24 – Sangar Ali

Water levels rise in Little Zab after Dukan dam releases downstream (Video)

Saturday 30/03/19

Engineer insists Mosul Dam not in danger despite heavy rain

Flood warnings force school closures across Kurdistan Region

Iran Evacuates Flood-Threatened Villages after Heavy Rains Kill Dozens
Asharq al-Awsat

Press Roundup: 17 – 23 Mar 2019

Sunday 17/03/19

Floods hit Mosul and Duhok, submerge cars, collapse bridges
Kurdistan 24 – Kosar Nawzad

Iraq to get 10 billion pound loan for British contracts
Reuters – Ahmed Rasheed

Official welcome cannot hide Iraqis’ misgivings about Rohani’s visit
The Arab Weekly – Azhar Al-Rubaie

PM Abdul-Mahdi says boosting agricultural productions ‘top priority’
The Baghdad Post

Water woes hit henna plant farms in Iraq’s Fao peninsula
Reuters – Mohamed Atie, Aref Mohammed 

Monday 18/03/19

One of the largest agriculture project will be opened
Imam Hussein Holy Shrine

The ISIS Ambassador to Turkey
Homeland Security Today – Anne Speckhard, Ardian Shajkovci

Tuesday 19/03/19

As World Water Day Approaches, Tigris Protectors Highlight Iraq’s Water Challenges
Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative

Australia donates US$ 6.1 million to improve access to clean water for children in southern Iraq
United Nations in Iraq

Smaquli flooding sparks discussion on government accountability
Rudaw – Zhelwan Z wali 

Wednesday 20/03/19

Flooding threatens Majnoon field
Iraq Oil Report – Ali al-Aqily, Jassim al-Jabiri

Iraqi Wheat Output Increases, but Farmers are Still Vulnerable
Future Directions – Phoebe Sleet

Water Diplomacy Not Enough to Fix Iran-Iraq’s Water Dispute 
Pacific Council – Banafsheh Keynoush

Thursday 21/03/19

Iraq ferry sinking: ‘More than 70 dead’ in Tigris river
BBC News

Friday 22/03/19

Feature: Rehabilitation of canal irrigation system brings hope for Iraqi returnees affected by IS
Xinhua Net – Xuxin

The Iraq Report: Iran sidesteps US sanctions via Iraq
The New Arab

War may be over but Basra’s battle for clean water continues
The National – Mina Aldroubi 

Saturday 23/03/19

Will Iraq lose its benefits from Shatt al-Arab River to Iran?
al-Monitor – Omar al-Jaffal

Press Roundup: 10 – 16 Mar 2019

Monday 11/03/19

Iran President Rouhani arrives in Iraq for 3-day visit

Stories from Iraq: This is My Land
Medair – Sue O’Connor

Water behind major dams shrinks despite rainfalls
Tehran Times

Wednesday 13/03/19

Iraq and Sudan show how climate change fuels war
The New Arab – Austin Bodetti 

World should repay Iraq for sacrifices in ISIS war: Iraqi PM

Thursday 14/03/19

Iraq: Agriculture lands drown following two dams collapse in Basra
Middle East Monitor

Iraq sees wheat crop almost doubling on more rainfall

Friday 15/03/19

Mystery Spill At Mosul Lake: Analyzing Potential Causes Of Pollution
Bellingcat – Wim Zwijnenburg

Saturday 16/03/19

90 suffocate from gas leak in eastern Iraq: health ministry
Xinhua – Yan

Wim Zwijnenburg’s Twitter thread on dam breaks

Press Roundup: 3 – 9 Mar 2019

Sunday 03/03/19

Why is Rohani going to Iraq?
The Arab Weekly – Hamed al-Kilani

Monday 04/03/19

Authorities in Duhok take closer look at 57 refineries operating without licensing
Rudaw – Nasr Ali

Mosul residents lead the clean-up operation as the city emerges from years under ISIL control

Tuesday 05/03/19

In Baghdad’s outskirts water is now clean and safe
UNICEF – Carlo Jeelo

Kurdistan, Iraq rely more on rice imports to meet demand
Rudaw – Rawa Abdullah 

Official says strategic Tabqa town reassured US to remain in northeastern Syria
Kurdistan 24 – Wladimir van Wilgenburg

Wednesday 06/03/19

Iraq: Water pollution continues to threaten lives of Basra residents

UN finds herpes killed millions of Iraqi carp

Thursday 07/03/19

Basra hospitalisations caused by Iran water blockade, says Iraqi minister
The National – Mina Aldroubi

Erdogan says Turkey will start filling Ilisu dam in June

Press Roundup: 24 Feb – 2 Mar 2019

Sunday 24/02/19

How Water Scarcity Exacerbated Iraq’s History of Political Violence – Austin Michael Bodetti

Iraq Issues Wheat Tender, Seeking 50,000 Tons From US, Canada or Australia

Monday 25/02/19

Projects for water issue, opening new border gate possible uses for Turkey’s reconstruction loan: Iraqi envoy
Daily Sabah – Özgenur Sevinç

Tuesday 26/02/19

France’s Macron to visit Iraq later this year
Business Standard

Iraq: 2019 Humanitarian Response Plan (January – December 2019)
ReliefWeb – UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

Thursday 28/02/19

Disputes over water will be an increasing source of international tension
The Economist